How to talk at work?

Have you ever wondered why some people can convince and influence others easily, whereas most of us struggle to get others on board?

The difference is the art of communication, the skills of understanding other people and the ability to explain your concepts. Don’t worry though. Communication is a skill – meaning you can learn it too.

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What to do when a stakeholder contacts your boss instead of you?

What to do when a stakeholder contacts your boss instead of you? When a stakeholder contacts your boss behind your back it can be very frustrating and disempowering. You have put all this time and energy into building a relationship with them, yet they still don’t trust you or are just unaware of the things…

What to say if your coworker screws up your project

What to say if your coworker screws up your project I have recently come across someone sharing a story of a coworker who screwed up their project. Handling a situation like this, especially if you want to stay friendly and professional, but still highlight the issue to the leadership, it can be tricky so here…

How pay affects performance in the workplace

Pay is a crucial factor in employee performance in the workplace. It not only reflects an employee’s value and contributions to the company, but it also has a direct impact on motivation, engagement, and retention. When employees feel fairly compensated for their work, they are more likely to be motivated and engaged in their job,…


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