How to talk at work?

Have you ever wondered why some people can convince and influence others easily, whereas most of us struggle to get others on board?

The difference is the art of communication, the skills of understanding other people and the ability to explain your concepts. Don’t worry though. Communication is a skill – meaning you can learn it too.

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Why is it important to choose the right stakeholders to communicate with?

Have you ever wondered why top companies put a high pressure on identifying the right stakeholders before project launch?

Who are ‘stakeholders’ and why should we care about them?

who the magic ‘stakeholder’ actually is? Maybe in your previous company, someone referred to shareholders as ‘stakeholders’ but then once you entered the new business, ‘stakeholders’ became your colleagues from another department? Are you confused by what it actually means and why different businesses can refer to different types of stakeholders? Or maybe you’re not even sure why you should even care about who your stakeholder is? Don’t worry, in this article, we will cover all these bases.


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