Hey there!

I am super excited to see you here.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re an ambitious woman who has big career aspirations, a foreigner working in the UK, who wants to stay true to who you are (culture, quirks, and all!).

If that’s you, you’re in the right place!

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Let me know if this sounds like you:

  • you’re a specialist in your field, but you’re not getting the recognition you deserve,
  • you’re frustrated because you’re working hard, but you’re not seeing the career progression you want,
  • you know you have the skills and experience to succeed, but you often question these abilities (even though you never did before!),
  • you struggle to get people on board with your idea or project, regardless of what you say or do,
  • you’re feeling like you’re not being heard or valued by your colleagues, and it’s affecting your confidence and motivation.

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Many women face these same challenges in their careers.

You’re in good hands! With over a decade of experience working for both global corporations and SMEs, I know firsthand the challenges that women face in the workplace and how to address all these frustrating situations, and:

  • get a promotion and a pay rise
  • get the recognition you deserve
  • deliver all your objectives by collaborating with others effectively
  • have all your emails answered and never have to chase people again
  • be confident about your capabilities and decisions
  • enjoy the work you do and wake up happy to go to work!

I’ve seen the barriers and obstacles that can hold you back from reaching your full potential, and I’m here to help you power through them and achieve all your goals.

Impossible? Maybe you’re thinking:

  • this won’t work for me
  • I probably will need to change everything I do
  • I just need to work harder
  • this will be very expensive

This is all not true!

The truth is:

  • anyone can achieve a successful career. Devote 15 min a day consistently and you will see the results
  • all you need to do is shift your communication and things will start falling into place
  • working harder will not land you a promotion if it’s not visible to your leadership
  • you can get a pay rise that will cover the cost of your investment (and leave you plenty to go on a funky holiday!)

Interested? Let’s work together.

Who am I to be telling you this?

My name is Klaudia, I am in my thirties and smashing my career as a Strategic Sourcing Manager for over 20 countries in one of the happiest companies in the world (can you guess which one?).

When I was 21 I made the decision to move to Scotland. I have already had some work experience in sales, organising mass events and in general working with people. Little did I know that moving to another country will make all my people’s experiences irrelevant!

People did not like me. I was not used to that. They didn’t want to work or deliver projects with me. I didn’t know why. After working again in sales (and many other jobs) I have taken another leap and moved to London.

London is an amazing place. With the hustle and bustle, you meet hundreds of amazing people from all over the world and you can experience new cultures and perspectives. I have started learning that people indeed can be different, depending on many aspects of their upbringing, and culture is one of them.

And then it hit me! Being Polish by birth, I have been very direct with my approach at work, with no filter, saying how things are and expecting my boss to take charge and pave the way. And this was not a British way.

With time and many books, podcasts, coaching, and mentorships, I have learned not only about British culture but also cultures from around the world, stakeholder management techniques, and general psychology theories that exploded my career.

Today, I influence senior management in the global corporation I work in. I am right at the table with them, being heard, recommending strategies and actions and I am loving it!

The fact that I have managed to make such great progress, shows that knowing how to grow your career is a skill and as such – can be learned. So if you are ready to accelerate and achieve everything you ever dreamed of – you’ve come to the right place.

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